5 Safety Tips for Responsible Pool Owners

Posted on: 12 July 2017

From water-based games to pool parties, having a private swimming pool in your yard can be a lot of fun. If concerns about the risks of swimming pools are holding you back from taking the plunge into pool ownership, you don't have to go without a pool of your own any longer. These five pool safety tips can help you become a responsible pool owner.

1. Install a Fence Around Your Pool

Drowning is the most serious risk posed by swimming pools. However, pool fencing can significantly reduce the chance of neighbourhood kids or animals falling into your pool. Glass pool fencing is a good option if you want to show off your beautiful pool design while keeping uninvited guests out of the water. Be sure to choose gates that are child-proof to keep kids living in the area as safe as possible.

2. Teach Your Kids to Swim

Kids who are strong swimmers are less likely to panic in the water, which could help them to avoid drowning. Enroll your kids in a learn-to-swim program so they can learn correct swimming technique from an early age. When you have your own pool, your kids will have plenty of space to practice what they have learned in swim class. Be sure to supervise them at all times so you can rescue them if they get into trouble.

3. Install a Non-Slip Surface Around Your Pool

Tiles and stones can become slippery when they get wet, making it easy for people walking around the pool to slip and injure themselves. One way to reduce the risk of slipping is to teach kids never to run around the pool, but getting them to listen to you can be a challenge. Keep them safe by installing a textured, non-slip surface around your pool to increase traction between bare feet and the wet surface underfoot.

4. Invest in Rescue Equipment

Every pool owner should keep rescue equipment within easy reach. Invest in a life preserver and a shepherd's hook, which is a long pole with a hook at the end, and keep them close to the pool so they are immediately available. Don't pack these vital safety items away in a cupboard, as there won't be time to search for them when you need them.

5. Shower Before Swimming

Some people think backyard pools are unhygienic, but in reality the pool chemicals take care of most bugs. However, it is still a good idea to avoid introducing bacteria into the water if you can. Keep the pool water clean by taking a quick shower to rinse bacteria and dirt from your skin before you swim.