Hot Tubs for Your Home: You Must Know These Things Before Installation

Posted on: 16 June 2020

If you want to have a low-key weekend while sipping your favourite drink or host a couple of friends at your place, hot tubs will make a great accessory. However, getting a hot tub that meets all your needs can be a daunting task, especially if you have no idea of the things you should look for. You need to balance functionality and maintenance costs without giving up the luxuries you desire from the hot tub. Read this to empower yourself with the knowledge you need when buying and installing a hot tub in your home:

You Need a Survey

Start by preparing for the installation of your hot tub before you walk to a dealer to get it. The preparation involves checking out the area where you want to install the hot tub, ensuring that the location is suitable for the pipework and layout. Where should the hot tub face? Does it give you the privacy you need as you spend time in your patio or garden? More importantly, does the location support an efficient installation? You can only answer these questions if you survey the area with a good pool contractor.

Get the Right Pump

Installing your hot tub successfully involves getting the right pump for the job. The common misconception is that a bigger pump delivers high massage power. That's wrong! Your focus should be on getting a pump that delivers high-volume jets. Add the total surface area of the area that the nozzle jets will power and then choose a pump with the highest gallon-per-minute rating. Generally, large jets ranging from about twenty gallons per minute should be adequate for a standard domestic hot tub.

Reliability of the Hot Tub

You also need to think about the reliability of the hot tub. Select something that will serve you for many years with minimal maintenance needs. Essentially, the idea is to look for a hot tub with pleated filters that excel at trapping lots of grease and dirt. The filtration systems should also comprise filter bags and skimmers to catch all the debris that might otherwise find its way into the hot tub.

Consider getting a hot tub that comes with ozonators. The ozonators release ozone elements into the water to kill microorganisms and bacteria. This will reduce the sanitisers you will need to cleanse the hot tub over time. Reach out to a professional that provides hot tub services for more information.