Essential Questions to Ask an Infinity Pool Builder

Posted on: 3 May 2021

About 2.7 million Australians live on properties with a swimming pool. Although there are many reasons behind it, the warm weather in most parts of Australia seems to be the primary factor. With every other household owning a swimming pool, standing out can be challenging. Notably, a homeowner must build a unique swimming pool to draw the necessary attention and improve property value. An infinity pool matches the criterion perfectly due to its unique design. However, a lot goes into designing and constructing an infinity pool, and property owners must ask the right questions. If you plan to install an infinity pool in your backyard, here are critical questions to ask your builder.

What Is an Infinity Pool? 

The first question that pops in most clients' minds when they hear about infinity pools for the first time is the term's origin. The term 'infinity pool' comes from the design itself. Other swimming pool designs feature four sides with the water contained within. However, an infinity pool design is quite different due to the perception it creates. When you look at one side of the pool, you will see that the water seems to flow over the edge like a waterfall. It creates the illusion that water in the pool vanishes when it reaches the edge; hence, the term infinity.

Is Your Property Suitable for an Infinity Pool? 

Although you can install an infinity pool in your backyard, you must consider certain factors. For instance, an infinity pool comprises the main pool and a catch basin. Therefore, you need enough space to accommodate both sections comfortably. Additionally, the beauty of an infinity pool is the view it provides as you relax in the water. Thus, most infinity pools are built on elevated properties with a scenic view. Therefore, it would not make sense to install an infinity pool overlooking your backyard fence. Although it does not disqualify your property for infinity pool building, you need to weigh the benefits.

Are Infinity Pools Safe? 

Children are another reason Australians are installing swimming pools in their backyards. However, with the terms 'disappearing or vanishing edge' being used to describe infinity pools, most people are understandably concerned about safety issues. You will be glad to know that infinity pools are just as safe as standard pool designs. A vanishing edge does not imply the absence of a wall; it is just a visual trick. Therefore, children will be safe in an infinity pool because there is a wall on every side of the facility.

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