What Are the Benefits of Having Your Pool Cleaned Regularly?

Posted on: 19 November 2020

There are close to three million Australians who live in a household where there is a swimming pool. This makes the country one of the leading ones for swimming pool ownership around the world. And yet, there are many pools you will find in virtually every Australian suburb that are not in the condition they should be. Why should you have your pool cleaned frequently?

It Looks Better

To begin with, a pool that looks unpleasant will be unappealing to take a dip in even if it is clean enough to swim in. Even a few leaves that have fallen into the water and not removed will put some people off. So, if you want to hold a pool party or even encourage members of your own family to use the pool more, then the best thing to do is have pool cleaners booked to make a house call every couple of weeks to maintain it for you.

Avoid Clogging Filters

Filters will need to be cleaned properly from time to time. They just won't work as effectively once they have captured a certain amount of debris. In turn, this can lead to pools with clogged up drainage systems which will place your pump under ever greater pressure. You do not want your swimming pool's pump to be put under too great a strain because even the very best models will burn out under these conditions. If your pool cleaners clear out filters so they do not become clogged, then it could save you thousands of dollars because it will mean you won't end up having to replace a burnt-out pump.

Stop Algae From Forming

Although many of the chemicals you will find on the market claim to kill off algae in swimming pools, the fact is that a regular cleaning programme is much better. Schedule cleaning on the sides and the bottom of the pool as well as skimming over the surface to keep on top of algae. Robotic pool cleaners are very useful in this regard but sometimes you just need a pool cleaner to get into the water and scrub away.

Avoid Unnecessary Illnesses

Finally, it should never be understated just how seriously unpleasant dirty pools can be. All sorts of infectious diseases can be contracted from swimming in a pool that looks fine but which contains nasty microbes and bacteria. Why compromise on your health for the relatively simple task of pool cleaning?

For more information, contact a local pool cleaner.