A Few Simple Tips for Keeping Your Pool Clean and in Good Repair

Posted on: 12 July 2017

Cleaning and maintaining a pool isn't as challenging and time-consuming as you might assume; you can even invest in automated tools that help to keep a pool properly scrubbed and vacuumed as needed. However, you might also note a few simple tips for keeping a pool clean, and for how to address problems you might notice with the water or the pool itself; this will ensure your pool is always clean and ready for a swim!

Green water

If pool water has a greenish tinge to it, this is usually a build-up of algae, which is often caused by a lack of proper filtration. Check the pool filter and note if it needs cleaning, and check the pump to ensure it's working and pulling water through that filter. If the filter is clean and pump is working, you may need to invest in a stronger pump that can move the water in the pool through the filter more often, removing algae build-up.

White line around the edge of the pool

If you notice a white line around the top of the water, this is probably a calcium build-up. The water you use for the pool may have a high level of calcium, and you can usually fix this problem with a water softener. Once that softener is added, use a good brush to remove the calcium line from the pool wall.

Water levels

If the water levels of your pool are constantly low, the water may be evaporating in the hot summertime sun faster than the pool can be refilled. A good pool cover can keep the water cool and eliminate this evaporation. Your pool may also have a leak; check for muddy or soft spots in the lawn around the pool, and this will usually mean that the pool itself needs repairs.


If you notice that your pool always seems to have leaves, twigs, seeds, grass clippings, and other such debris on the water surface or on its floor, and the pool vacuum is working properly, check the skimmer. Once a pool skimmer gets full, it can't catch all that debris and those pieces will wash back into the pool. It's good to check and empty the skimmer often, even every day, and especially if your property tends to have a lot of debris from nearby vegetation. Keeping the skimmer clean will ensure those pieces don't wind up back in the pool itself.