7 Features to Make Your Pool Safe and Fun for Your Kids

Posted on: 21 July 2017

A pool can be a great way for a family to have fun together. If you have kids, you may want to consider features that make the pool as fun and safe as possible for them. Here are some features to consider.

1. Pool Fence

This is not optional. Under Australian law, you are legally required to have a fence around your pool. That ensures that children cannot wander into the space and get hurt.

If your back door opens directly to the pool area, you may want to put extra locks on the door that your children can't open it, or you may want to put an audible alarm on the door so that you are alerted if your child opens it and goes to the pool area.

2. Safety Equipment

In the interest of safety, you may want to invest in a pool alarm. This is a sensor that fits onto the side of your pool. If the water is disturbed by a child (or even a pet) falling into the pool, the alarm alerts you.

Additionally, you may want innertubes that you can throw to drowning children and a reaching assist which is a tool that you extend into the water so the child can grab onto it and you can pull them to safety.

3. Playset

In the shallow end off your pool, consider putting in a playset. There are water friendly playsets that include slides, ladders, and platforms. You can also integrate water canons and sprinklers that draw water from the pool and allow your kids to play with it.

4. Waterslide

For older kids, you may want to put in a water slide. Rather than being part of a playset, a full-size waterslide can sit on the side of the pool. Usually, they have a pump that you turn on or off as needed so that water runs down the slide. You have to ensure that the depth of the area beneath the pool is sufficient to withstand a body splashing into it at speed, but at the same time, you have to ensure the water isn't too deep for shorter children.

In addition to a waterslide, you may want other fun features such as a diving board or even a high dive. Alternatively, consider a climbing wall. Kids can climb up it and jump back into the water below.

5. Slip Resistant Decking

With so many fun activities around the pool, kids may be tempted to run from area to area. Ideally, you should make a rule against running, but kids don't always follow rules. To keep them as safe as possible whilst running, put in slip resistant decking.

6. Sunshade

The sun can be extremely dangerous. To protect your kids from UV rays, you may want to put up some sunshades. For younger kids, you may want to put sunshades over the shallow end of the pool or over the playset. For older kids, you may just want sun shades around the deck of the pool so the kids can find some respite in between bouts of playing and swimming.

7. Adjustable Hot Tub

If you put in a hot tub, remember that kids can't handle as high of temperatures as adults can. To keep your kids safe, you need a hot tub with an adjustable temperature. Then, you can lower the heat in the water as needed.

You may also want to have bubbles or jets on a timer. That can serve as a reminder for kids to get out of the hot tub. For instance, kids should limit hot tub time to 15 minutes. If the maximum time on the jet timer is 15 minutes, they know to get out when the bubbles stop.